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Private Hygiene of the Kitchen Steward

The personal hygiene of the kitchen steward is a very large duty that he has to carry. After all, his stewarding job revolves around protecting the whole restaurant and its kitchen clean, so it follows that he additionally has to keep up personal cleanliness and hygiene as properly.

Private hygiene refers to his total private appearance in addition to the cleanliness of his body. Listed below are the things that he has to recollect to keep up cleanliness and hygiene.

Cleanliness of the Physique

In the case of the cleanliness of the body, this means taking showers before going to work. If the kitchen steward has problems with sweaty underarms or physique odor, then he ought to make it a point to always put on deodorants before arriving for his shift. This way, he will not need to deal with sweat marks in his uniform or body odor, both of which are a terrific flip off to individuals who see or smell it, particularly the company.

Hair and Make-Up

In relation to hair, the kitchen steward has to be sure that it is always stored neat and clear. For females with long hair, it is strongly recommended that they tie their hair away from their faces or wear it on a bun. For males, their hair ought to be kept brief and neatly combed. In spite of everything, seeing a restaurant workers sporting lengthy, shaggy, unkempt, and untidy hair can be a big turn off.

Placing on make-ups is often not advisable when the kitchen steward is working in the restaurant kitchen; nonetheless, if the kitchen steward is going to place make-up on, she has to make sure that the applying is very mild, not heavy. The kitchen steward also has to chorus from utilizing heavy perfumes.

Palms and Fingernails

Aside from commonly washing the arms, especially if the kitchen steward has only in the near past visited the bathroom, the fingernails also needs to be kept brief and clear. He has to ensure to trim them recurrently.

As for feminine kitchen stewards using nail polishes, the one shades or colours allowable in restaurant kitchens are clear or colorless nail polishes in addition to very light pink nail polishes.


After all, it naturally follows that the enamel be kept clear as well. For that reason, the age-previous adage “brush your tooth each after meal” is followed.

Jewelries, Socks, and Stockings

The only allowable jewelries permitted within the restaurant kitchens are marriage ceremony rings as well as wristwatches. Earrings, especially dangling earrings, are positively not allowed whereas working within the kitchen. Necklaces in addition to bracelets are not additionally allowed. However, if the kitchen steward wants to wear one whereas at work, he or she should at all times consult with the management first and guarantee that they get the administration’s permission earlier than wearing additional jewelries.

As for socks and stockings, it is extremely much really useful that the kitchen steward wear a pair of fresh and contemporary socks and stockings daily.

Uniforms and Shoes

Eating places require their kitchen stewards to put on their uniforms whereas at work, and the uniform has to at all times be neat as well as clear once they report for their shift. The identical can be mentioned true of their shoes. The kitchen steward has to make sure that his private appearance meets the requirements of the restaurant with regards to hygiene and cleanliness, and he has to make that he sets instance to the remainder of the restaurant workers.

Personal Attitude

In relation to the personal perspective, the kitchen steward has to always keep in mind that he's carrying the name of the restaurant. For that reason, he has to take pride in what he's doing. This includes walking with an erect posture in addition to ensuring to remain respectful and courteous always, even to his coworkers.

It can't be denied that there are kitchen stewards who smoke. For this reason, he has to be sure that he only smokes on the designated area, most especially not around guests.

How a kitchen steward handles himself, especially with regards to his personal hygiene, additionally displays upon the restaurant, so he has to make sure that he is all the time aw

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